High Energy & Cosmic Ray Research Centre

Dr. Arunava Bhadra

M.Sc., Ph.D.

Sr. Research Physicist

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Address(office) High Energy & Cosmic Ray Research Centre, University of North Bengal, Raja Rammounpur, PO-N.B.U., Dist-Darjeeling, West Bengal, Pin-734013, India.

Areas of Interest:  Astroparticle Physics, Astrophysics, High Energy Physics, High Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy.

Number of Ph.D. students:   a) Supervised : NA               b) Ongoing :NA

Number of M.Phil. students: a) Supervised : INA               b) Ongoing : NA

Number of Publications:    NA

Professional Experiences: NA

Administrative Experience: NA

Slected Publications:

  1. Scaling behaviour of lateral distribution of electrons in EAS, R K Dey, A Bhadra and J N Capdevielle, J. Phys. G, 39 (2012) 085201
  2. Influence of microscopic particle interaction models on the flux of atmospheric antiprotons. A Bhadra, B Bijay, S. K. Ghosh, P. S. Joarder and S. Raha, Astropart.Phys. 35 (2012) 277-286
  3. Examining the scaling behavior of Delbruck scattering in experimental data. B. Kunwar, A. Bhadra and S.K. Sengupta, Phys.Rev. C84 (2011) 034614  
  4. Gravitational deflection of light in the Schwarzschild-de Sitter space-time, A. Bhadra, S. Biswas and K. Sarkar,  Phys. Rev. D. 82, 063003 (2010)
  5. Perfect fluid dark matter, A Phase Space Analysis. F. Rahaman, K K Nandi, A. Bhadra, M. Kalam, K. Chakraborty Physics Letters B, 694, 10 (2010)
  6. Gravitational time advancement and its possible detection. A. Bhadra and K.K. Nandi, Gen.Rel.Grav. 42 (2010) 293-302
  7. TeV neutrinos and gamma-rays from pulsars, A. Bhadra and R.K. Dey, MNRAS, 395 (2009) 1371
  8. Compatibility of Einstein minimally coupled self interacting scalar field theory with the solar system tests of gravity, A. Bhadra Class. Quant. Grav. 25 (2008) 205001
  9. Testing gravity at the second post-Newtonian level through gravitational deflection of massive particles. A. Bhadra, K. Sarkar, K.K. Nandi Phys. Rev. D75 (2007) 123004
  10. Contribution of a nearby pulsar to cosmic rays observed at earth, A. Bhadra Astropart. Phys. 25 (2006) 226-232
  11. Gravitational lensing by a charged black hole of string theory, A. Bhadra, Phys. Rev. D67 (2003) 103009
  12. High-energy γ –rays  from the ' single source ' of the knee, A. Bhadra, J. Phys. G G28 (2002) 397-405