Special Seminar/ Lecture by Eminent Scientists:

USIC organizes Special Seminar Lectures by eminent scientists from different field. Some of the Lectures are mentioned here under:

Name of the Seminar/ Conference

Eminent Scientists


The Macrocosmos and Microcosmos, The Enigma of GOD particle (Higgs Boson)

Prof. Bikash Singha, Homi Bhaba Professor, Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India

13th February, 2012

Conversion of Neutron Strange Stars: The role of Magnetic Field

Prof. Sibaji Raha, Director, Bose Institute, Kolkata

13th February, 2012

Bio-Control of Insect Pest – Current Scenario and Future Strategies

Dr. (Mrs.) Hem Saxena, Principal Scientist, Corp. Protection Division, IIPR, Kanpur

01st March, 2012

Molecular diversity by design: New Synthetic Strategies for biologically Important Heterocycles

Prof. H. Ila, FNA, FASc, INSA Senior Scientist, Honorary Professor, Jawahar Lal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research(JNCASR), Bangalore

23rd March, 2012

The Junjappa-Ila(Jl) Aromatic and Heteroaromatic Annlation: An Inverse approach for Benzoheterocycles

Prof. H. Junjappa, FASc, Bangalore

23rd March, 2012

Evolution of Wireless Communication Technology

Prof S R Bhadra Choudhuri, BESU, Kolkata,

July, 16-17, 2013

Metal detector detection principle and its use in experiment with Superconductivity with Piezo-Electrical Crystalline material based material and superconductivity”,

Prof Dhruba Dasgupta, Retd. Professor of Physics, NBU,

4th December, 2013

Super-Capacitor and its use in making hybrid Energy source consisting of Super-Capacitor and re-chargeable battery

Prof Pintu Sen, Scientific Officer-H, VECC, Kolkata

24th February, 2014

Bose-Einstein Condensation”,

Prof Ajay Tripathi, Sikkim University (Central University)

10th March, 2014

Advancement of Bio-Medical Instrumentation: Prospects & Problems

Prof. Sagar Sanyal, Retd. Professor, Dept. of Physiology, West Bengal University of Animal and Fishery Sciences, Kolkata.

8th November, 2016