University Science Instrumentation Centre(USIC)
Gautam Sarkar

   Gautam Sarkar

    M.Sc. B.Ed., M.Tech

    Technical Officer- II

    Member- Indian Liquid Crystal Society, International Liquid Crystal Society

Contact Addresses:  
Contact No.
Mailing Address
    University Science, Instrumentation Centre (USIC), CMEF Building of USIC, University of North Bengal, P.O: North Bengal University, Rajarammohanpur, District: Darjeeling, PIN – 734013
Subject Specialization, if any    (i) Electronics & radio physics, (ii) Microwaves
Area of Research Interest    Soft Condensed Matter Physics, Liquid Crystals
Number of Ph.D. students     a) Supervised : Nil               b) Ongoing : Nil
Number of M.Phil. students     a) Supervised : Nil               b) Ongoing : Nil
Number of Publications    03
Achievement and awards    Nil
Professional Experiences (15 Years 06 Months)
  • 15 Years 06 Months
  • Six Years & Six Months  Teaching Experience at Degree level engineering college(SIT, Siliguri)
  • Lecturer (8000 – 275 – 13500), From 08/09/2000 to 31/08/2004
  • Senior Lecturer (10000 – 325 – 15200), From 01/09/2004 to 19.02.2007
  • Nine Years Experience as University Officer  (USIC, NBU)
  • Technical Officer II PB 3 (15600 – 39100) + GP 8000, From 20/02/2007 to 19/02/2010
  • Technical Officer II PB 4 (37400 – 67000) + GP 9000, From 20/02/2010 to Continuing
Administrative Experience    Nine Years as Technical Officer II, NBU
Members of Professional Bodies    Nil
Any other Information

   Pursuing Ph. D from Dept. of Physics, NBU under the Supervision of Prof. Malay Kumar Das.

  1. “Comparison of the Orientational Order Parameters Determined From X-Ray Diffraction and 13C NMR Studies of a Hockey Stick Shaped Compound”  Gautam Sarkar, Malay Kumar Das, Ranjit Paul, Banani Das and Wolfgang Weissflog, Phase Transitions 82, 433(2009).
  2. “Structural investigations of a non calamitic shaped liquid crystalline compound showing unusual phases” Gautam Sarkar, Banani Das, Malay Kumar Das, Ute Baumaister and Wolfgang Weissflog. Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., Mol. Cryst. Liq. Cryst., Vol. 540: pp. 188–195, 201.
  3. “Determination of the orientational order parameter of the homologous series of 4-cyanophenyl 4-alkylbenzoate (n.CN) by different methods” Malay Kumar Das, Gautam Sarkar, Banani Das, Ratan Rai and Neeraj Sinha, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter, 24 (2012) 115101 (9pp).