University Science Instrumentation Centre(USIC)
Tamal Sarkar

   Tamal Sarkar

    M.Sc. (Physics), M.Sc.(Computer Science), M.Phil.(Physics), MLISc.

    Technical Officer- I

Contact Addresses:  
Contact No.
Mailing Address
    C/O- The Head, University Science, Instrumentation Centre, CMEF Building of USIC,                     University of North Bengal, P.O: North Bengal University, Rajarammohanpur,                                 District: Darjeeling, PIN – 734013
Subject Specialization, if any    Electronics and Computational Physics
Area of Research Interest     Astrophysics and Computational Physics
Number of Ph.D. students     a) Supervised : Nil               b) Ongoing : Nil
Number of M.Phil. students     a) Supervised : Nil               b) Ongoing : Nil
Number of Publications     Journal-11, Book Chapter-02
Achievement and awards    CSIR-JRF-NET FELLOWSHIP, JEST, GATE
Professional Experiences
  • Operating Assistant (2001-2002): West Bengal Power Development Cooperation Limited
  • JRF at IITG-2002
  • Assistant Teacher Physics (PG Scale) (2002-2007),
  • Technical Officer -I (Since February-2007 at University of North Bengal )
Administrative Experience    Technical Officer -I Since February-2007 At University Of North Bengal.
Members of Professional Bodies    Nil
Any other Information

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  1. Tamal Sarkar , Samir Sarkar and Arunava Bhadra, Spectral lags of flaring events in LSI + 61o 303 from RXTE(Accepted in Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics in 2016 )
  2. Tamal Sarkar, Arunava Bhadra, Shubhrangshu Ghosh: Newtonian analogue of static general relativistic spacetimes: An extension to naked singularities. Physical Review D 10/2015; 92(8). DOI:10.1103/PhysRevD.92.083010
  3. Tamal Sarkar, Animesh Basak: Image Analysis of Suzaku Observation of Transient Pulsar EXO 2030+375. 12/2014; 4(1):5. DOI:10.9756/BIJAIP.10358
  4. Shubhrangshu Ghosh, Tamal Sarkar, Arunava Bhadra: Newtonian analogue of corresponding spacetime dynamics of rotating black holes: Implication on black hole accretion. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 11/2014; 445(4):4460-4476. DOI:10.1093/mnras/stu2046
  5. Tamal Sarkar, Shubhrangshu Ghosh, Arunava Bhadra: Newtonian analogue of Schwarzschild–de Sitter spacetime: Influence on the local kinematics in galaxies. Physical Review D 09/2014; 90(6):063008. DOI:10.1103/PhysRevD.90.063008
  6. Tamal Sarkar and Tanay Chattopadhyay: Design of RS latch and RS flip-flop in quantum cellular automata. Physics Express 2014, 4: 27, PP: 1-7, Cognizure, www.cognizure.com/pubs
  7. Tamal Sarkar: Design of DFlip-Flip Using Nano-Technology based Quantum Cellular Automata. International Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering (IJSCE),, ISSN: 2231-2307, Volume-3, Issue-4, September 2013
  8. Tanay Chattopadhyay, Tamal Sarkar: All-optical switching by Kerr nonlinear prism and its application to of binary-to-gray-to-binary code conversion. Optics & Laser Technology 09/2012; 44(6):1722-1728. DOI:10.1016/j.optlastec.2012.02.007
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  11. Tamal Sarkar and Gautam Biswas: A Study on Quantum Gates, Indian Journal of Theoretical Physics, Vol. 56.No.4, PP: 251-275, 2008
Book Chapters:
  1. Tamal Sarkar and A Bhadra : An Introduction to Astronomical Data Analysis, editor Dr BC Paul, Chapter 5,Scholar's Press, Germany, PP: 115-148, 2015, ISBN: 978-3-639-85990-4
  2. Tamal Sarkar and A Bhadra : Exploring the Cosmos, editor A Bhadra, Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany, PP: 63-68, 2012,ISBN: 978-3844-39165-7
Selected Conference Papers:
  1. Tamal Sarkar, Samir Chandra Das, Ardhendu Mandal (2009):  A Study of Computer-Based Simulations for Nano-Systems and their typeshttp://arxiv.org/abs/1109.1653 (2009, ISBN: 978-93-80043-61-6)
  2. Tamal Sarkar, Samir Chandra Das, Tanay Chattopadyay: Mathematical Modeling of Quantum Dot (MS-18, ISBN: 93-80813-14-7) PP.183-185 Link (2011)
  3. Tamal Sarkar And Tanay Chattopadyay (2012): Kerr Prism as all Optical Switch (2012: ISBN : 93-80813-14-7) PP. 193-195
  4. Tanay Chattopadyay And Tamal Sarkar (2012): Conversion from 2's Compliment Binary Number to Quaternary Signal Digit (NCECS 2012): ISBN 978-93-82338-06-2 (Bonfring) PP. 79-82
  5. Tamal Sarkar (2013): Design of D Flip-Flop using Quantum Cellular Automata and its Cell-Cell response using Computer Simulation (ICTWR-2013):ISBN No. 978-93-5126-699-0, PP. 26-31 
  6. Tanay Chattopadyay And Tamal Sarkar (2013) : Design of AND-OR Gate using Quantum Quantum Cellular Automata and its Cell-Cell response using Computer Simulation(NCECS 2013) : 978-93-82338-71-0 (Bonfring) PP. 29-32