University Science and Instrumentation Centre (USIC)

Photo taken during installation of LN2 plant in Mechanical Workshop of USIC:


Visit of Liquid Nitrogen Plant after installation by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. Somenath Ghosh

Visit of Liquid Nitrogen Plant after successful installation by Dignitaries along with iHon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. Somenath Ghosh: From left – Prof. M K Das (Head, USIC), Prof. A. Mukhopadhyay (Dean, Faculty Council of PG Science), Prof. Alok Majumder (Dept. Of Chemistry), Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Prof. Somnath Ghosh, Dr Susanta Das, (Controller of Examinations), Prof. Arnab Sen, (Dept of Botany), Prof. B C Paul (Head, Dept. Of Physics)

Entrance of Mechanical Workshop

Mr. Ranjit Takuldar, Tech. Assistant, Mechnical Workshop

(Retired on 31-10-2016)

Mr. Tamal Sarkar, Technical Officer-I at Liquid Nitrogen Plant

Electrical & Electronics Section

Mr. Ambarish chettri, Senior Mechanic of Electronics Section