Department of English

Ashis Sengupta

Dr. Ashis Sengupta

M.A., Ph.D.


Members of Learned Societies: Fulbright-India, U.S. State Alumni Community, MELUS-India , Indian Association for American Studies, Indian Association for English Studies, Osmania University Centre for International Programmes (Hyderabad)

Contact Addresses:

Phone +91-353-2522901
Address(office) Department of English, University of North Bengal, India 734013.
e-Mail ashmit_2003@yahoo.com

Subject specialization:Theatre/Performance Studies

Areas of Research Interest:South Asian drama/theatre in English and Translation, South Asian American Theatre, Postwar American Drama (1945-present), Asian American Theatre, African American literature. (Issues of Special Interest: history, politics, religion, race/ethnicity, gender/sexuality, diaspora, and the family)

No. of Ph.D. students:    (a) Supervised: 4(03 awarded)       (b) Ongoing: 7 .

No. of M.Phil. students: (a) Supervised:4       (b) Ongoing: 1 .

No. of Publications:        (a) Journal(s) : 30        ( b) Book(s) : 0 2           (c) Book chapter(s): 09

Achievement & Awards:

Professional experiences:

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Selective List of Publications:

  1. Mapping South Asia through Contemporary Theatre: Essays on the Theatres of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015). http://www.palgrave.com/page/detail/?sf1=id_product&st1=708191&loc=uk.
  2. Islam in Performance: Contemporary Plays from South Asia (Bloomsbury Methuen, London: 2017 [Forthcoming]).

    Selected Articles (including interviews):

  3. Transformationer. 2010. “Negotiating Cultural Difference ,” Publication of The International Association for Scandinavian Studies, 2011-2012
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    Selected Book Chapter:

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    Selected Papers and Sessions

  35. “Playing Islam / Reading South Asian Plays,” paper at MELUS-MELOW International Conference, 19-21 February 2016.
  36. Keynote, National Seminar, Changing Directions of Postcolonial Indian Theatre, University College, Coochbehar, 29 September 2015.
  37. Panelist, Theatre for Peace Seminar (organized by Ajoka Theatre, Pakistan, and held at SIS, JNU), 18 September 2015.
  38. ‘Power, Performance, Censorship: Contemporary South Asian Theatre,’ paper at MELUS-MELOW International Conference, 20-22 February 2015.
  39. “Does Theatre Matter? Postscript: In a Literature Conference?,” International Seminar,  Dept of English, University of North Bengal, 4-5 December 2013.
  40. “Sharing Commonwealth Experience through Theatre,” National Conference, Government Degree College, Khumulong, Tripura, 12-13 July 2013.
  41. “Untold Stories, Innovative Patterns: Women Playwrights and Directors in Contemporary India, Melus-Melow Int’l Conference, Chandigarh, 8-10 Feb 2013.
  42.  “The Ethnic, the Diasporic, the Transnational: Non-Mainstream American Theatre Today,” Garden City College Int’l Conference, 27-28 January 2012.
  43. Post 9/11: US, Them, and South Asian Diaspora Theatre,” Special theme lecture, Gour Mahavidyalay, Malda, 28 November 2011.
  44. “Staging South Asian Diaspora,” MELUS-India Conference, Hyderabad, 22-24 September 2011.         
  45. Fulbright Outreach Program lecture, NBU, 22 March 2010.
  46. “Talking Gender: Feminism and Feminist Theatre in India,” Gour Banga University, 23, May 2010.
  47. “Negotiating ‘Asian American’ on the Stage: Frank Chin, David Henry Hwang and Shishir Kurup.” ICSSR-NERC national seminar, North Eastern Hill University, 16-18 March, 2010.
  48. “Indian Theatre: Vintage and Contemporary.” Dalarna University, Sweden, 23 March, 2009.
  49. “Re-reading The Boys in the Band and On a Muggy Night in Mumbai.” The Melus-Melow International Conference, Visva-Bhararti, Santiniketan, 28-30 November          2008.
  50. “Gender and Sexuality in Contemporary Indian English Drama.” University of North Carolina at Greensboro, October 30, 2006.
  51. “South Asian Playwrights in English.” University of Connecticut Storrs, November 6, 2006.
  52. “Power, Gender, and the ‘Inquisition’: American/Indian Realities through Drama.” National Seminar, Burdwan University, 17-18 Feb 2010.
  53. “Rethinking Indian Culture: The Plays of Mahesh Dattani.” National Seminar, Burdwan University, 29-30 March 2004.
  54. “Being and Role-Playing: Reading Girish Karnad’s Tughlaq”. UGC National Seminar, NBU, 3-5 October 2001.
  55. “William Wells Brown’s Clotel: A Critique of Slave Life in America”. IAAS Conference, Pondichery University, 27-29 January 1995.