Department of Law

Ms. Sangeeta Mandal

Ms. Sangeeta Mandal

LL. B., LL.M.

Assistant Professor (Full-Time) Contractual

Contact Addresses:

Phone +91- 9735078005
Communication AddressIndira Pally, Shivmandir P.O. Kadamtala, District- Darjeeling, W.B. 734011
e-Mail sangeetanbu@gmail.com

Subject specialization: Taxation Law, Human Rights, Right to Information.

Areas of Research Interest: Nil

No. of Ph.D. students: ¬†  Nil

No. of M.Phil. students: Nil

No. of Publications:        04

Achievement & Awards: Nil

Professional experiences:

Administrative Experiences: Nil

Selective List of Publications:

            Journal Publication:
  1. Custodial Torture & Human Rights in India, Indian Journal of Law and Justice.
  2. Rights of Disabled persons: A Human Rights Approach, Indian Human Rights Law Review.
  3. Role of Fiscal Policy in Distributive Justice, Indian Journal of Law and Justice.
  4. Automobile Pollution: A Threadless Suffocation of Urban Population, Calcutta Law Times.
  5. Judicial Review of Service Matters and Jurisdiction of High Courts, Calcutta Law Times.
  6. Admissibility of Electronic Evidence as Proof: A Judicial  Challenge in India, Indian Journal of Law and Justice.
  7. Exploring the Relation between Good Governance and Human Rights and the Role played by Judiciary in Good Governance: An Indian Perspective, India International Journal of Juridical Sciences.
  8. Judicial Review of the Ninth Schedule of the Constitution: Approach of the Supreme Court of India, India International Journal of Juridical Sciences.

    Articles/ Chapters published in Books:

  9. Female Foeticide and Infanticide: A Serious Challenge for the Society, Women Rights Human Rights, Edited By:Rathin Bandyopadhyay, Sanjay Kr. Singh, Rajendra Dhar Dubey, Sangeeta Mandal, R. Cambray & Co. Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata
  10. Effect of Climate Change on air Pollution and Human Health in India: An Analysis, Environment Law and Climate Change, Edited By: Sanjay Kumar Singh, SBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.
  11. Role of Gender in Education: A Legal Probe, Gender Justice & Women Empowerment, Ed. Sanjay Kumar Singh, Radha Publications
  12. Damage to Property and Remedies under Insurance Law: An Appraisal, Corporatisation and Corporate Social Responsibility, Ed. : Dipak Das & Sanjay Kumkar SinghSBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt. Ltd.

    Books Published as single author or as editor:

  13. Women Rights Human Rights, Pages xv + 625, Subject Book published by a national level publisher, Authorship- Jointly Edited, R.Cambray & Co. Pvt.Ltd., Kolkata, ISBN No. 978-81-89659-10-3, 2010.