Department of Philosophy

Dr. Koushik Joardar

Dr. Koushik Joardar

M.A., Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Member- Indian Philosophical Congress

Contact Addresses:

Contact No.
+91- 9434355456
Department of Philosphy, University of North Bengal, P.O.-NBU, Dist. Darjeeling, West Bengal, Pin-734013, India.

Subject Specialization: Ethics, Phenomenology and Existentialism

Areas of Research Interest: Metaphysics, Ethics, Religion, Continental Philosophy, Bhartrihari’s Philosophy of Language etc.

No. of Ph.D. students:    (a) Supervised: 01       (b) Ongoing: 07

No. of M.Phil. students: (a) Supervised: 02       (b) Ongoing: Nil.

No. of Publications:        (a) Journal(s) : 17        (b) Books Authored: 02

Achievement & Awards:

  • Gold medal (Stood first class first in MA)
  • Recognized by Marquis Who’s Who

Professional Experiences:

  • More than Nineteen Years of teaching ( Nine years in College and ten in this University)
  • Member of Editorial Boards : Philosophical Papers: Journal of the Department of Philosophy

Administrative Experiences:

  • Member of Cultural Committee, NBU, 2012
  • Member and Chairperson of Board of UG studies in philosophy, wef  11.10.2012
  • Member of Board of Studies (UG), University of Gour Banga, 2012 – 2013
  • Head of University Court member,  2010
  • Head the Department, wef 26.11.2013 – 26.11.2015
  • University Court member: 26.11.2013 – 26.11.2015
  • Member of Board of Studies in Philosophy, CoochBehar Panchanan Barma University, 18.1.2016 –

Innovations/Contributions to Teaching:

  • Moderating, paper setting, examining, re-examining scripts (for UG, PG, DE, and Bridge-course students).
  • Actively taken part in designing syllabus for new semester system and M.Phil course
  • Actively taken part in designing syllabus for new semester system and PG course
  • Acting as Chairperson, UG Board of studies in Philosophy since 2012

Participation/ Resource person in Refresher Course/ Workshop:

  • Participated


Logic and Epistemology


Dept. of Philosophy
North Bengal Univ.

3.9.01 to 23.9.01

2 Philosophy, Society and
ICPR Dept. of Philosophy
North Bengal Univ.
30.3.05 to 19.4.05
3 Philosophy and Practice ICPR Dept. of Philosophy
North Bengal Univ.
5.3.07 to 25.3.07
  • Resource Person

  1. Existentialism and Bengali Literature on 5.10.09 at University of Gour Banga,Malda
  2. Transsexuals and Feminism in a Refresher Course, 10 Nov. 2010, Women’s Studies, NBU
  3. Concept of Nothingness in the Refresher Course (19th-20th Century Philosophy), 9th Sept, 2011, University of Calcutta
  4. Wittgenstein and the Existentialists in the Refresher Course (Philosophy of Language), 12th Sept, 2011, NBU
  5. Davidson’s Philosophy of Languag , Refresher Course (Philosophy of language), 20th September,   2011, NBU
  6. Rape and philosophy of Body, Refresher Course (Women’s Studies), 25th August, 2012
  7. A Philosopher’s (Kant’s) Point of view, Orientation programme, 4.12.2012
  8. Philosophical Methodology: Cartesian and Husserlian, RC on Methodology, 8.12.12
  9. Sex, Gender and the Transsexuals:  RC on Women’s Studies, 6.5.2013
  10. Utilitarianism and its Critique: RC on Philosophy (Ethics and Aesthetics), 2013
  11. Ethical Theories: Orientation Programme, 22.7.2013
  12. Nothingness: Heidegger and Sartre RC on Twentieth Century Philosophy, 31.12. 2014
  13. Morality and Justice: RC in Law (ID) on Social Justice, 10.2.2015
  14. Metaphysical Tradition from Plato to Kant : ICPR periodical lecture on 16.12.2015, Mathabhanga College, Jalpaiguri 
  15. Visiting Professor: CoochBehar Panchanan Barma University, 2016   (Phenomenology) for M.Phil students.  
  16. Visiting Professor: Kazi Najrul University, Asansol, WB – 7th to 9th September, 2016  (Phenomenology and Existentialism) for PG Students

 Details  Seminars Coordinated with funding agency:

  1. 12-13 January, 2007,  Organized a Seminar on Ambedkar and NeoBuddhism with Dr.J.C.Basak, UGC
  2. 7-8 March, 2011,  Director, Seminar on Phenomenology and Meaning (With DS) UGC
  3. 19 March, 2013, Coordinator of the seminar on Nature of Philosophy(With AM) NBU
  4. 31 Dec, 2014 – 20 January, 2015, course coordinator of Refresher Course on Twentieth Century Philosophy , UGC

Selective List of Publications:

Books Authored:

  1. Nietzsche (original book in Bengali on his life and philosophy), Levant Books, Kolkata, 2010
  2. Chinta (original book on thinking), Patrakatha, Kolkata, April, 2015

Books Edited:

  1. Language and Grammar(Anthology) , Co edited with Prof. B.B.Chakraborty, Northern Book Center, New Delhi, 2009
  2. Language and Thought  (Anthology), Co edited with J.C.Basak, Northern Book Centre,  New Delhi, 2012

Papers in Journals, Proceedings and Edited Volumes:

Sl. No





M.N.Roy’s Critique of Aurobindo’s Spiritual Communism

Journal of the Deoartment of Philosophy, NBU

Vol. IV, March 2007


Dasein and the Philosophy of Tractatus

Language and Ontology (Anth) Northern Boook Centre, N. Delhi

NBU Studies in Philosophy-10, 2007


Advent of Buddhism in China

The Essence, ICBSR, Siliguri

Vol. 5, 2008


Gandhi and Utilitarianism

Philosophy and the Life-World (Vidyasagar University )

Vol. 10, Jan 2008


Reading Sukumar Ray: Why I Like Nonsense

Language and Grammar (Anth) NBC, New Delhi

NBU Studies-13, 2009


Individualism and Anarchism in Aurobindo’s philosophy

Journal of the Department of Philosophy, NBU

Vol. 5, 2008 ( ISSN:-09764496)                     


Chinese Buddhism: A Synthesis of Two Different Cultures

Language and Truth in Buddhism, NBC, New Delhi

NBU Studies 14, 2010


Transcendentalism and Intersubjectivity

Analecta Husserliana, Springer, USA

Vol. 108, 2011(2009)


Logos as Signifier: Husserl in the Context of Tradition

Analecta Husserliana, Springer, USA

Vol. 110, 2011


Socrates o Hassan Ajijul Haque 

Galpokatha Special Issue, Rajshahi, Bangladesh



Non-Constructivist Theory of Perception: Dharmakirti and Husserl

Indian Philosophical Quarterly, University of  Pune

Vol 34, No. 2-4 (2007) 2012


Truth and truths: Experiments Gandhi Made

Journal of the Department of Philosophy, NBU

 Vol VIII, 2012 (2011) ISSN:-09764496


Suicide and Tragedy

Language and Culture,           NBC, New Delhi

NBU Studies 18, 2012


Death of Art: The Paradox in Hegel’s Aesthetics

Language and Aesthetics

NBU Studies 19, 2013


Phenomenological Concept of Nothingness

Phenomenological Meaning

NBU Studies 22, 2014


Why Should We Act Morally?

Journal of the Dept of Philosophy

Vol- X, March 2014, ISSN: 09764496


Astibaad o Bangla sahityer  duti khun (Existentialism and Two murders in Bengali Literature)

Kali o Kalam , Kolkata

Jan, 2016

 Details Presentations:

  1. ‘Back to Normative Ethics’ read in National seminar on “Ethics in Theory and Practice” ( 2nd – 3rd March, 2005) at Dept. of Philosophy, NBU.
  2. ‘Reason of the Irrational’ presented in Seminar on “Reason and Emotion: Revisiting the Binary”, 15th March, 2008, Dept of Philosophy, Jadavpur University.
  3. ‘Suicide and Tragedy’ presented in the National Seminar on language and Culture, 16-17 March, 2009, NBU (under SAP)
  4. On Media Ethics, Mathabhanga College (as resource person and chair person of a session), 2013
  5. Postmodern Paradigm, Dept of Philosophy, NBU, 13-14 Feb, 2014: Introduced the theme.
  6. Globalisation as a Process, Panel discussion in Philosophy-day celebration, 20th Nov, 2014
  7. Table and the Colour of Consciousness, presented in the seminar on Tagore Einstein Dialogue, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata, 9th March, 2016 

 International Presentations:

  1. Attended 60th International Congress of Phenomenology and presented a paper     Logos as Signifier: Husserl in the Context of Tradition,  on 11. 08. 2010., at the University of Bergen, Norway.
  2. Attended 64th Congress of Phenomenology and presented a paper – Transcendental Philosophy of Krishnachandra: An Indian Approach towards Human Life, held on 1 – 3 October, 2014 at Catholic University of Sacred Heart, Milan, Italy.