Department of Political Science

Dr. Soumitra De

Dr. Soumitra De

M.A., Ph.D., Certificate in Software Applications


Life Member- Indian Political Science Association, West Bengal Political Science Association.

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Contact No.
+91- 0353-2580192
Department of Political Science, University of North Bengal, P.O.-NBU, Dist. Darjeeling, West Bengal, Pin-734013, India.

Subject Specialization: Political Thought and Theory, Public Administration.

Areas of Research Interest: Research Methodology, Political Ecology, Collective Action, Gender Studies, Public Policy, Democracy and Development.

No. of Ph.D. students:    (a) Supervised: 09       (b) Ongoing: 05

No. of M.Phil. students: (a) Supervised: 06       (b) Ongoing: 02.

No. of Publications:        22 (Books-2, Chapters in Books-06, Journal Articles-14)

Achievement & Awards:

Professional Experiences:

Administrative Experiences:

Selective List of Publications:

            Books Authored:
  1. Nationalism and Separatism in Bengal (New Delhi: Vikash, 1992)
  2. Participatory Forest Management and Democratic Decentralisation in India (Siliguri, Dibrugarh ,N.L. Publishers, 2005)

    Chapters in Books:

  3. ‘Provisions of the Sixth Schedule in North-East India : An Inquiry into their Relevance Today’ in L. S. Gassah (ed) Autonomous District Council, New Delhi: Omsons,1997.
  4. Bhutanese state and stateless Bhutanese: Politics of Identity and Stalemate in Refugee Crisis” in sanjay Kr. Ray, (ed) Refugees and Human rights, 2001, New Delhi, Rawat.
  5. “Congress and the new political Compulsions in India: The Resilience of a Centrist Party in Polycentric Polity” in A.K. Jana and Bhupen Sarmah (eds) Class, Ideology and Political Parties in india, New Delhi, South Asian Publishers, 2002.
  6. ‘BJP’s politics of Expediency: Permeating Hindutva and Legislating Neo-Liberal reforms”, ibid.
  7. “Terrorism: The Ethical Dilemma of International political theory’ in Omprakash Mishra and Sucheta Ghosh (eds), Terrorism and low-intensity Conflict in South Asian Region, New Delhi, manak,2003
  8. “Interrogating Public sphere in India”in Maya Ghosh and Arun Kanti Jana (eds) Development and Disorder: The Crisis of Governance in the Northeast and East of India, New Delhi, South Asian Pub.,2011.

    Journal Articles:

  9. ‘Liberalism in Nineteenth Century Bengal’ in Socialist Perspective, Vol. 10, No. 1&, June-Sept, 1982.
  10. “Interdisciplinary Studies and Political Science : A Search for a Perspective” in the Indian Journal of political Studies, Vol. 6&7, July, 1983
  11. “Rammohun Roy and Economic Modernisation: A Dissection” in Society and Change, , Vol. IV, No.1, , Oct-Dec, 1984
  12. ‘Political Theory and Political Philosophy’ in Indian journal of Political studies, Vol. 9, December, 1985
  13. “Historicism and Humanist Reinterpretation of Karl Marx’ , Socialist perspective, Vol. 14, No 1 & 2, June-Sept, 1986
  14. “Harold Laski in His place” in Journal of Politics, ,Vol. 2, 1995.
  15. Review of Ross Mallick’s book, Development , Ethnicity and Human Rights  in South Asia, in The West Bengal Political Science Review, Vol. II, No. 1&2, January-December, 1999.
  16. ‘Green Order: Limits and Possibilities of Global Reconstruction of Issues” in West Bengal Political Science Review, Vol. VI, No.1 and II, January-December,2003.
  17. ‘Multiculturalism and Indian University Education’ in University News (AIU), Special Issue, Vol. 42, No. 46, Nov. 15-21,2004.
  18. “Democratic Decentralisation , Alleviation of Poverty and Administration of Schedule Areas : A Focus on PESA,” ( co-authored with A. K. Jana), in Indian Journal of Political Science , Vol. LXVIII, No. 1, Jan-March, 2007.
  19.  “Morality and State Policy: Issues of Moral Relativism and Moral Difference in Political Theory, Journal of Political Studies, Vol. 2,2007
  20. ‘Where Process Betrays Outcome: A Study of Deforestation related Issues in North Bengal (With Sourish Jha) in Indian Journal of Regional Science, Vol. XXXXIII, No. 2, 2011.
  21. ‘The QWERTY Path to FDI’ in Journal of the Department of Commerce, University of North Bengal, 2013.
  22. “ Technology, Politics and Indian Political Science” in The West Bengal Political Science Review, Vol. XVIII , No. 1&2, 2015-16