Department of Sociology

Dr. Swatahsiddha Sarkar

M.A.(NBU), M.Phil (Himalayan Studies), Ph.D. (Delhi School of Economics,  DU)

Assistant Professor

Life Member- Indian Anthropological Society, INCAA

Contact Addresses:

Contact No.
+91- 9474585883 (M)
Department of Sociology, University of North Bengal, P.O.-NBU, Dist. Darjeeling, West Bengal, Pin-734013, India.

Subject Specialization: Sociology of Region, Ethnicity, Sociology of Development, Political Sociology

Areas of Research Interest: Sociology of Region, Ethnicity, Sociology of Development, Political Sociology

No. of Ph.D. students:    (a) Supervised: Nil       (b) Ongoing: 03

No. of M.Phil. students: (a) Supervised: Nil       (b) Ongoing: Nil.

No. of Publications:   36       (a) Journal(s) : 24     (b) Books: 02     (c) Occassional Paper: 01     (d) Chapters in Edited Volumes: 09     (e) Book Translated: 01    (e) Popular Writings: 08.

Achievement & Awards:
  • Honorary Fellow of the Centre for Conflict Resolution & Human Security (CCRHS), New Delhi (2010-11)
  • Awarded best paper presenter award in the category of young anthropologists in the 4th Inter-Congress of the Indian National Confederation and Academy of Anthropologists (INCAA) held in the University of Hyderabad, February 2009
  • Awarded University Medal and Thakur Panchanan Burma Memorial Gold Medal for securing first class first position in M.A. Examination 1998.
  • Awarded University Medal for securing second class first position in B.A. (Hons.) Examination  Awarded Gold Medal for First Position in M.A. 1996.

Professional Experiences:

Administrative Experiences:

Selective List of Publications:

  1. 2013. GORKHALAND MOVEMENT: A STUDY ON ETHNIC CONFLICT AND STATE RESPONSE, Concept Publishing House, New Delhi, 2013 (ISBN 93-5125-007-5)
  2. 2013. ETHNICITY IN INDIA: ISSUES IN COMMUNITY, CULTURE AND CONFLICT (Edited Volume) Co-edited with R.K. Bhadra & R. Mukhopadhyay, Levant Press: Kolkata, 2013 (ISBN 978-93-80663-48-7)

    Chapters in Edited Volumes:

  3. 2014 “Ethnic Conflict and State Response: Reflections on Gorkhaland Movement” (Chapt. 4), in M. Ghosh and S. Ghosh (eds.) QUESTIONING IDENTITY: RESPONSE OF THE STATE AND COMMUNITY IN CONTEMPORARY INDIA. K P Bagchi & Company: Kolkata. (ISBN 978-81-7074-348-4)
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    Journal Publications:

  12. 2016. “How (Not) to Write Hill History: Gorkhaland and Telangana Are Not Similar”, ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL WEEKLY, 51(5): 94-95. (ISSN 0012-9976). Peer Reviewed
  13. 2015. “Nepali Nation and Nationalism in Darjeeling: Kumar Pradhan in Perspective”, STUDIES IN NEPALI HISTORY AND SOCIETY (SINHAS), 20(1): 31-68. ISSN: 1025-5109 (Peer Reviewed)
  14. 2014. “Gorkhaland and Beyond”, (Web Exclusive Article), HIMAL SOUTH ASIAN, December 15, (ISSN 10129804)
    Stable URL: http://himalmag.com/gorkhaland-beyond-indias-states-exception/ (Peer Reviewed)
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    Occasional Paper:



  37. 2007. Translated Akinobu Kawai’s article “Landlord and Imperial Rule: Change in Bengal Agrarian Society 1885-1940” into Bengali as “Jamidari Pratha O Samrajyabadi Sasan: Banglar Krishi Samajer Paribartan (1885 – 1902)” in Sinikichi Taniguchi, Masahiko Togawa, Tetsuya Nakatani (Eds.) GRAMBANGLA: ITIHAS, SAMAJ O ARTHANITI, K P Bagchi & Company: Kolkata, pp. 31 – 76 (ISBN 81-7074-304-4).

    Popular Writings:

  38. 2014. “Kumar Pradhan on Religious Reform Movements in Darjeeling”, HIMALAYAN MIRROR, December 20.
  39. 2014. “Kumar Pradhan and his quest for Indian Nepali Nation in Darjeeling”, ECHO OF INDIA, December 20.
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