Events @Department of Botany

List of Events Conducted in the department:

  1. National Conference on “Biology and bioinformatics of economically important plants and microbes, 17-19 Feb, 2012
  2. National Seminar on “Advances in abiotic and biotic stress management of plants”, 23-24 Sept, 2011
  3. National Seminar on ‘Diversity conservation and sustainable utilization of plants and traditional knowledge”, 14-16 Dec, 2010
  4. National Symposium on “Microbial wealth–plant health”, 23-25 Oct, 2009
  5. National Conference on “Improving productivity and quality of tea through traditional agricultural practice”, 15-16 Nov, 2008
  6. National Symposium on “Diversity and functionality of plants and microbes”, 24-25 Jan, 2008
  7. National Symposium on “Emerging plant disease, their diagnosis and management”, 31 Jan – 2 Feb, 2006
  8. National Symposium on “Current perspective of stress biology”, Feb 6-8, 2004
  9. National Symposium on “Diversity of microbial resources and their potential applications” 1-3 Feb, 2002
  10. National Seminar on “Plant biodiversity – Systematics, conservation and ethnobotany”, 9-11 Nov, 2000
  11. National Symposium on “Diseases of economically important plants of Eastern India and their management’, Dec 27-28, 1996