Department of Microbiology

Dr. Arindam Bhattacharjee

Dr. Arindam Bhattacharjee

M.Sc. (CU), Ph.D. (CU)

Assistant Professor

Contact Addresses:

Contact No. +91- 9674665722
Mailing Address Department of Microbiology, University of North Bengal, P.O.- NBU, Dist- Darjeeling, West Bengal, Pin -734013, India.
e-Mail aribiochem@gmail.com

Subject specialization: Microbiology

Areas of Research Interest: Environmental microbiology with emphasis on cold active enzymes, biodegradation of diesel and stress biology, Proteomics etc.

No. of Ph.D. students:    (a) Supervised: 00      (b) Ongoing: 05 .

No. of M.Phil. students: (a) Supervised: Nil       (b) Ongoing: Nil .

No. of Publications:       11

Achievement & Awards:

Professional experiences:

  • Research experience: 11 years

Administrative Experiences:

Selective List of Publications:

  1. ArindamBhattacharjee, UddalakMajumdar, DebasisMaity, TuhinSubhraSarkar, Achintya Mohan Goswami, RupamSahoo, and Sanjay Ghosh (2010) Characterizing the effect of nitrosative stress in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics (ABB) 496, 109-116.
  2. TuhinSubhraSarkar, ArindamBhattacharjee, UddalakMajumdar, Anirban Roy, DebasisMaiti, AchintyaMohan Goswamy,Subrata Kumar Ghosh and Sanjay Ghosh (2011) Biochemical characterization of compatible plant-viral interaction: A case study with a Begomovirus-Kenaf host-pathosystem. Plant Signal Behav. Apr;6(4):501-9.
  3. TuhinSubhraSarkar, UddalakMajumdar, Anirban Roy, DebasisMaiti, Achintya Mohan Goswamy, ArindamBhattacharjee, Subrata Kumar Ghosh and Sanjay Ghosh (2010) Production of Nitric Oxide in host-virus interaction: A case study with a compatible Begomovirus-Kenaf host-pathosystem.PlantSignaling and Behavior. Plant Signal Behav. Dec 2;5(6):668-76.
  4. TanmayDutta, ArindamBhattacharjee, UddalakMajumdar, SaugataSinha Ray, RupamSahoo and Sanjay Ghosh (2009) In Vitro Renaturation of Alkaline Family G/11 Xylanase via a Folding Intermediate: α- Crystallin Facilitates Refolding in an ATP-Independent Manner. ApplBiochemBiotechnol.Nov;162(5):1238-48.
  5. ArindamBhattacharjee,UddalakMajumdar, DebasisMaity, TuhinSubhraSarkar, Achintya Mohan Goswami, RupamSahoo, Sanjay Ghosh (2009) In vivo protein tyrosine nitration in S. cerevisiae: Identification of tyrosine-nitrated proteins in mitochondria. BiochemBiophys Res Commun. (BBRC) Oct 23;388(3):612-7.
  6. RupamSahoo, ArindamBhattacharjee, UddalakMajumdar, SougataSinha Ray, TanmayDutta, and Sanjay Ghosh (2009)A novel role of catalase in detoxification of peroxynitrite in S. cerevisiae yhb1 and sfa1-mutants. BiochemBiophys Res Commun.(BBRC) Aug 7;385(4):507-11.
  7. TanmayDutta, RupamSahoo, RajibSengupta, SougataSinha Ray, ArindamBhattacharjee and Sanjay Ghosh (2008).Novel Cellulases From an Extremophilic Filamentous Fungi PenicilliumCitrinum: Production and characterization.Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology Apr;35(4):275-82.
  8. SougataSinha Ray, JesúsTejero, Zhi-Qiang Wang, TanmayDutta, ArindamBhattacharjee, Michael Regulski, Tim Tully, Sanjay Ghosh*, and Dennis J.Stuehr*.(2007)The Oxygenase Domain of Drosophila melanogaster Nitric Oxide Synthase: Unique Kinetic Parameters Enable a More Efficient NO Release. Biochemistry 46(42):11857-64. Epub 2007 Sep 27.
  9. TanmayDutta, RupamSahoo, SougataSinha Ray, ArindamBhattacharjee,RajibSengupta and Sanjay Ghosh (2007) Probing the Active Site Environment of Alkaliphilic Family 11 Xylanase from PenicilliumCitrinum: Evidence of Essential Histidine Residue at the Active Site. Enzyme and Microbial Technology, 41, 440–446.
  10. TanmayDutta, RajibSengupta, RupamSahoo, SougataSinha Ray, ArindamBhattacharjeeand Sanjay Ghosh (2007).A Novel CellulasefreeAlkaliphilicXylanase from Alkali Tolerant Penicilliumcitrinum:Production, Purification and Characterization.Letters in Applied MicrobiologyUK2007 Feb; 44 (2):206-11.
  11. ArindamBhattacharjee, (2011) Role of Nitrosative Stress in Neurodegenerative Disease: A Short Review. Recent Advances in Animal Science Research Sept, 2011 Vol- VI B ISBN 81-88094-02-9