Department of Microbiology

Dr. Payel Sarkar

Dr. Payel Sarkar

M.Sc.(H.N.B. Garahwal University), Ph.D. (NBU)

Assistant Professor (Contractual)

Members of Learned Societies: Member of Association of Microbiologists of India.

Contact Addresses:

Contact No. +91-9609962400
Mailing Address Department of Microbiology, University of North Bengal, P.O.- NBU, Dist- Darjeeling, West Bengal, Pin -734013, India.
e-Mail payal.jobs83@gmail.com

Subject specialization: Microbiology

Areas of Research Interest: My research area is Environmental and Applied Microbiology. The key interest is to understand the microbial communities and apply them to provide solutions to some of the current world's most pressing issues, such as, alternative energy sources (biofuels), remediation of industrial pollutions.

No. of Ph.D. students:    (a) Supervised: 00      (b) Ongoing: 00 .

No. of M.Phil. students: (a) Supervised: Nil       (b) Ongoing: Nil .

No. of Publications:        07

Achievement & Awards:

Professional experiences:

Selective List of Publications:

  1. Effective Degradation of Organic Waste with emphasis on kitchen waste using Microbial Consortium (2010). Payel Sarkar, Rajshree Saxena, Mukesh Meghvanshi and Rajni Singh. ICBFS 2010 Thomson ISI, British Library and Nelson P66-68.
  2. Microbial Consortium for Effective Degradation of Organic Kitchen Wastes (2010). Payel Sarkar, Rajshree Saxena, Mukesh Meghvanshi and Rajni Singh. International Journal of Environmental Science and Development (IJESD. ISSN: 2010-0264, P132-136)
  3. Microbial Consortium: Synergistic Approach in Biodegradation of Organic Kitchen Wastes (2011). Payel Sarkar*, M.K Meghvansi and Rajni Singh. (International Journal of Environmental Science and Development., 2(3).
  4. Isolation and molecular characterization of extracellular keratinase from Xanthomonas sp.: a potential approach in feather waste management (2012). Payel Sarkar, Espita Dutta, and Rohan Banerjee. Asian J of Sc and Tech.,1(1):38-46.
  5. Bioremediation potential of a newly isolated solvent tolerant strain Bacillus thermophilus PS11 (2012). Payel Sarkar and Shilpi Ghosh.J. BioSci. Biotech., 1(2): 141-147.
  6. Degradation of aromatic petroleum hydrocarbons (BTEX) by a solvent tolerant bacterial consortium (2013). Payel Sarkar, Andrew Roysten Rai and Shilpi Ghosh. Journal of Urban and Environmental Engineering., 7(2):274-279.
  7. Purification and characterization of solvent stable lipase from a solvent tolerant strain of Geobacillus stearothermophilus PS 11(2016). Payel Sarkar, Khusboo Lepcha and Shilpi Ghosh.MS accepted in Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology and Food Sciences., 5(6).