Department of Microbiology

Ms. Sarita Kumari

Ms. Sarita Kumari

M.Sc (Bangalore University)., M.Phil (Bharathidasan University), Ph.D. (Pursuing from NBU)

Assistant Professor (Contractual)

Members of Learned Societies: Member of American Society for Microbiology

Contact Addresses:

Contact No. +91- 8759591755
Mailing Address Department of Microbiology, University of North Bengal, P.O.- NBU, Dist- Darjeeling, West Bengal, Pin -734013, India.
e-Mail saritamicro@gmail.com

Subject specialization: Microbiology

Areas of Research Interest: My research interest is focused on microbial safety of food products and control of biofilms in food processing environments which includes various aspects of Food Microbiology, Food safety, Dairy technology and Foodborne Diseases etc.

No. of Ph.D. students:    (a) Supervised: Nil      (b) Ongoing: Nil.

No. of M.Phil. students: (a) Supervised: Nil       (b) Ongoing: Nil .

No. of Publications:       05

Achievement & Awards:

Professional experiences:

Selective List of Publications:

  1. Kumari, S. and Sarkar, P.K. (2016) Bacillus cereus hazard and control in industrial dairy processing environment: Review. Food Control  (accepted, Impact factor: 2.8)
  2. Sharma, A., Kumari, S., Wongputtisin, P., Nout, M.J.R. and Sarkar, P.K. (2015) Optimization of soybean processing into kinema, a Bacillus-fermented alkaline food, with respect to a minimum level of antinutrients. Journal of Applied Microbiology 119: 162-176 (Impact factor: 2.47)
  3. Kumari, S. and Sarkar, P.K. (2014) Prevalence and characterization of Bacillus cereus group from various marketed dairy products in India. Dairy Science and Technology  94: 483-497 (Impact factor: 1.08)
  4. Kumari, S. and Sarkar, P.K. (2014) In vitro model study for biofilm formation by Bacillus cereus in dairy chilling tanks and optimization of clean-in-place (CIP) regimes using response surface methodology. Food Control 38: 153-158 (Impact factor: 2.8)
  5. K.V. Sekar, Kumari, S., A. Nagasathya, S. Palanivel, and Subramanyam N (2010) Effective biosurfactants production by Pseudomonas aeruginosa and its efficacy on different oils. Journal of advanced laboratory research in biology 1:41-45.