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The Department

The Department of Zoology, University of North Bengal was established in 1984. The Department has seven faculty members and 9 secretarial and laboratory personnel. The Department has earned high accolades with the awards of DST-FIST and UGC-SAP supports apart from independent research projects sponsored by almost all funding of authorities of Government of India. The Department has identified itself in the specialized fields of (i) Insect pest management including resistance status of tea pests and biopesticide development (ii) Ecology and impact of pollutants/pesticides on aquatic biota including fish fauna (iii) Molecular cell biology and genetics in study of human health at chromosomal and DNA levels (iv) Studies on fish disease mainly EUS (v) HLA and Tumour biology (vi) Immunological study & status of tea workers and population dependent on tea industry and so on. The Department has produced more than fifty Ph.D. scholars; most of them have been placed in responsible positions in teaching, research, corporate and governmental services.
The faculty members have been honoured by various awards such as FNA Sc, FZSEI, FZS(Calcutta), DBT National Associateships, Overseas Associateship, INSA Eexchange Collaborateship, State honours for book writing etc. Scientific contributions of the faculty members in terms of project investigation and publication have attained an enviable position.  Central and State funded projects have been bagged by the Department from various authorities, such as UGC, CSIR, DST, DBT, DoEn & F, NTRF, ICMS, State DST and State Department of Fisheries. The Department has published large number of papers in reputed Foreign as well as National Journal.

Department of Zoology is proud of having today a sophisticated laboratory equipped to carry out advance level researches.

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  1. M.Sc. in Zoology
  2. Ph.D.
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Research Profile

  1. Areas of Research:
    1. Ecolology , fish pathology and ecotoxicology
    2. Insect pest management, resistance status and biopesticide development
    3. HLA typing and human health
    4. Aquaculture and fishery management
    5. Heterochromatin, genotoxicity and gene expression
    6. Virology and disease
    7. Pest resistance biochemistry
  2. DST-FIST Program: The department received financial support from   DST-FIST in 2005 for five (5) years successfully completed the level-I program and applied and received the DST-FIST level -II. The grant is yet to be received. Under the DST-FIST the following Thrust Areas have been recognised giving the importance to the problems of North Bengal.
    1. THRUST AREAS: Level-I

      i. Exploration of animal diversity and utilization of the potential resource
      ii. Study of immunostimulatory and modulatory effects of certain plantproducts from eastern Himalaya for developing anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory agents.

    2. THRUST AREAS: Level-II

      i. Impact of insecticide/pesticide used in tea gardens of North Bengal region
      ii.Study on ontogenic patterns and molecular characterisation of digestive enzymes and feed formulation of Neolissocheilus hexagonolepis (Mcclelland).
      iii. Immunomodulator and anticancer products from plants.

    3. UGC-SAP: The department has been also recognised as UGC- SAP Department with DRS-I in 2006-2007. Which has been successfully completed in 2012 and  has applied for DRS -II recommended by the Advisory Committee . The researches were carried out in the thrust Areas(DRS-I).

      i. Impact of Pesticides used in tea plantation on arthropod pests and non-target organism in the plains of Darjeeling district.
      ii. Bioactive Agents from Medicinal Plants for Immunotherapy of Malignancy.
      iii. Molecular understanding of immunological basis and management of Childhood Asthma in the sub Himalayan region of India.

      In DRS-II the Department has proposed the following thrust areas emphasing the problems of this regions:

      I. Impact of Pesticides on Arthropod pests and on Non-target Organisms in the plains of Darjeeling District.
      II. Molecular understanding of Immunological basis and Management of Childhood Asthma in the sub Himalayan region of India.

      Proposed for Induction:

      III. Ontogenic Patterns and Molecular Characterization of digestive enzymes and diet formulation in Neolissocheilus hexagonolepis (McClelland).

    4. Major Research Projects[Click here to view details]
      1. The Department is publishing "North Bengal Journal of Animal Sciences" since 2007 yearly once in the month of December. It is Peer Reviewed and has ISSN No. 0975-1424 .
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    Faculty Directory

    Name and Research Area Contact

    Dr. Soumen Bhattcharjee


    Cell and Molecular Biology

    +91-(0353) 2776353 / 9474674013 (M)

    soumenb123@rediffmail.com , sbhnbu@gmail.com

    Faculty Members

    Dr. Soumen Bhattcharjee


    Cell and Molecular Biology

    +91-(0353) 2776353 / 9474674013 (M)

    soumenb123@rediffmail.com , sbhnbu@gmail.com

    Dr. Min Bahadur


    Heterochromatin Variation, Genotoxicity and Diseases, Gene expression.

    +91 - 0353 2699069 (R), 2776353 (O), 9474093354 (M)


    Dr. Dhiraj Saha

    Associate Professor

    Insect Biochemistry, Toxicology and Molecular Biology

    +91 - (0353) 2776353 / 9474347443 (M)

    dhirajsaha_nbu@rediffmail.com ,


    Dr Tilak Saha

    Assistant Professor (Sr.)

    Cellular and molecular Immunology

    +91 - (0353) 2776353(O) , 9475098732 (M)



    Dr. Sourav Mukherjee

    Assistant Professor

    Fish Biology and Endocrinology

    +91-353-2776353 (O), +91-9433828549 (M), +91-9874370895 (M)

    sourav16@nbu.ac.in, sourav16@gmail.com

    Dr. Ritwik Mondal

    Assistant Professor

    Fish Biology and Vector Biology


    +91- (0353) 2776353 , +91-9775432657 (M), +91-9634898298

    ritwikm.zoology@nbu.ac.in ritwik.uk12@gmail.com

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    Supportive Staff

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    Departmental Library

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    Sl. No. Particulars (Click to Download)
    1 Syllabus (M.Sc., M.Phill. and Ph.D. Entrance Test , Ph.D. Coursework)
    2 Academic Calender
    3 CL Form
    4 EL Form


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    Contact Us

    Department Address: Department of Zoology, University of North Bengal,  P.O. North Bengal University, Raja Rammohunpur, Dist-Darjeeling West Bengal, India , PIN-734013

    Phone: 0353-2776353

    E-Mail: zoology_nbu@rediffmail.com

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