Events @ Department of Zoology

Events (Seminar, Workshops, Symposium etc.):

The department is actively organizing Seminar/Symposia every year on different problems of the regions. The last symposium organized was in March, 2012. Details of seminar/symposium organized are given below (Last Seven years):

Refresher Courses:

The department organised three UGC sponsored refresher courses in zoology during 2001-2002. Due to poor response of participants the refresher courses in the zoology could not be held, however, a Refresher Course in Life Science was organized in the  UGC-Sponsored Academic Staff College, NBU, September 8-28, 2011, jointly with the  Department  Botany.  Prof. T.K. Chaudhuri was one of the Coordinators.
The department will organize another Refresher Course in Life Science( Multidisciplinary) to be held from September 14 to October 04, 2012. Prof. Sudip Barat will act as one of the Coordinator.