Department of Zoology

Tapas Kumar Chaudhuri

Dr. Tapas Kumar Chaudhuri

M.Sc., Ph.D.


Members of Learned Societies: Life Member of the Indian Immunology Society, Indian Society of Human Genetics, Indian Society of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics,  Zoological Society of Calcutta, Zoological Association of the University of Burdwan; Invited Member of the New York Academy of sciences,1998; Foundation fellow of the North Eastern Academy of Molecular Biology and Genetics.

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Contact No. +91- 9434377127  / 8927884784
Mailing Address Department of Zoology, University of North Bengal, P.O.- NBU, Dist- Darjeeling, West Bengal, Pin -734013, India.
e-Mail dr_tkc_nbu@rediffmail.com , tapas.chaudhuri@gmail.com

Subject specialization: Immunology, Immunogenetics, Human Health and disease, Pharmaceuticle Immunology.

Areas of Research Interest: Immunology, Immunogenetics, Human Health and disease, Pharmaceuticle Immunology.

No. of Ph.D. students:    (a) Supervised: 09      (b) Ongoing: 04.

No. of M.Phil. students: (a) Supervised: NA       (b) Ongoing: NA .

No. of Publications:        (a) Journal(s) : 104     ( b) Book(s) : 01           (c) Book Chapter(s): 10

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Subjects taught


Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

5.5.80 – 17.5.80

Traininjg on Safety Aspects in the research application of  Ionizing Radiations


Department of Computer Science, NBU

14.2.86 – 30.4.86    

Computer Programmings and Numerical Analysis including Statistical Applications


University of  North Bengal    


Tumor Immunology    


AIIMS, New Delhi     


HLA and Disease  Association


University of North Bengal    


Immunology, cell biology, physiology


University of North Bengal    

1991- 1998                

Immunology, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology


University of North Bengal    


Molecular Immunology, Cell Biology, Biotechnology


University of North Bengal    

2006- cont.           

Molecular Immunology, Dev.Biology

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Research Projects Completed :

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Funding Agency


Role of specific lymphocytotoxic antibodies in normal and high risk pregnancy (No. 5/7/8/87-RB, dt. 24.2.1988).



Studies on HLA linked genes controlling immune response to pulmonary tuberculosis (No. F. 3-129/90 (SR-II), dt. 12.4.1990).



The role of HLA antigens in cell mediated Immune response during pregnancy complicated with pre eclampsia (No. 3/1/2/13(9500660)/94-RHN, dt. 7.3.1995).



Study of the role of the histocompatibility antigens controlling/inhibiting the host immune responsiveness against the pulmonary tuberculosis.



Anthropological Analysis of Indian Populations by oligonucleotide typing of HLA class-II genes: A multicentric study. (No. BT/R&D/09/26/94, dt. 13.3.1997).

DBT (1997-2000)


Molecular diversity of the HLA B27 gene in the Indian population( In collaboration with AIIMS).

DBT (2001-2003)


Study on HLA linked genes and immune status of patients with alcohol abuse with or without psychiatric disorders in a vanishing tribe(Toto) of North Bengal.

Lady Tata Memorial Trust


Analysis of the etiology of the monosymptomatic psychotic disorder, the delusional disorder on the basis of Immunogenetical and cytological investigations. (No. LPBT/SS-16/1-2002).

Labonya Prova Bose Trust


Role of dopamine receptors as genetic marker for delusional disorder (No.Scholar 2004-2005)

Labonya Prova Bose Trust


Detection of the frequency of HLA class-I antigens (serology and SSP typing)and the role of HLA antigens as genetic markers in Delusional Disorder (No. SP/SO/B58/99 dt. 11.11.2003)

DST (2004-2007)


Synthesis of new organotin(IV)2+derivative &evaluation of antitumor activity.(No.SR/WOS/A/CS-07/     dt. July,2005).

Woman DST scheme (2005-2008).


Molecular understanding of the Immunological basis and management of childhood asthma in the Sub-Himalayan region.



Isolation and identification of natural bioactive immunomodulatory products in Diplazium spp., an edible  fern available in North Bengal. (No. F.No.37-464/2009(SR) dt.11.01.10).

UGC (2010-2013)


Purification and characterization of bioactive natural antioxidant,immunomodulatory and anticancer products from Dioscorea alata L, of North Eastern region of India.(No.BT/09/NE/TBP/2010.

DBT Twinning programme (2011-2014)


Study of the frequency and distribution of Toll like receptor (TLR) genes and killer cell immunoglobulin  (KIR) in Gurkha and Rajbanshi population of sub-Himalayan region of West Bengal

ICMR (2012-2015)

Special Grant/ Bursary Scheme Received:

Research Guidance ( Students who have obtained Ph.D / M.D. degree):

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Title of the thesis                                              



Tapan Kumar Mandal (Ph.D.)        

Analysis of the role of HLA alloantibodies during pregnancy



Sreejata De Sarkar (Ph.D.)

Study of the role of Histocompatibility Antigens for immunomodulating the host immune responsiveness during pulmonary tuberculosis.



Monojit Debnath    (Ph.D.)         

Analysis of etiology of the Delusional Disorder a model monosymtomatic psychotic disorder on the basis of immunogenetic and cytological investigations.           



Sanjeev Kr Srivastava (Ph.D.)       

Class-II antigen variation study in selected populations of northern part of India



Sikta Bandopadhyay (Ph.D.)         

Molecular investigation of the dopaminergic system in the etiopathology of monosymptomatic  psychotic disorder.



Bidhan Ch. Roy (M.D.)                                       

Epidemiological, Clinical and immunological Profile of Childhood Asthma in North Bengal terai region



Bikash Mitra (Ph.D.)          

Study of the genetic diversity of some sub-Himalayan Human Populations: evolutionary  significance and disease susceptibility.



Bisu Singh (Ph.D.)   

Role of MHC class I genes and related Immunologic parameters in etiopathology of   Schizophrenia.   



Manoj Lama (Ph.D.)      

Immunological and molecular investigations Of childhood asthma in the sub-Himalayan Region of West Bengal, India.



Priyankar Dey (submitted)

Immunopharmacological investigations of The herb Nerium indicum Miller (Apocynaceae)



Sl. No.


Title of the thesis                                              



Bikask Mitra

Study of the genetic diversity of sub-Himalayan populations: evolutionary significance and disease susceptibility.     

Prof.Ya-Ping Zhang,Laboratory  of Cellular & Molecular evolution and Molecular Biology of Domestic Animals, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kunming Institute of Zoology,  Kunming, CHINA & Laboratory for Conservation and Utilization of Bio-resource, Yunnan University Kunming, CHINA

Students, presently working for Ph.D degree:

Sl. No.


Title of the thesis


Pokhraj Guha              

Study of the Genetic Diversity of Killer Cell  Immunoglobulin Like Receptor (KIR) in Sub-Himalayan Populations.


Subhrajyoti  Roy         

Immunopharmacological investigation of an edible fern,Diplazium esculentum (Koenig ex Retz.)Sw., available in North Bengal Region.


Somit Dutta

Immunopharmacological evaluation of leaf of an ethnomedicinal herb, Croton bonplandianus Baill. (Euphorbeacae)


Avishek Das

Frequency and distribution of TLR genes in some human populations of North Bengal and their association with rheumatoid arthritis.

Dissertation work carried out by M.Sc. students from other Academic Institutions:

Sl. No.

Project title

Student’s Name & year



Multi-drug resistance in urinary E.coli isolates & their horizontal Gene transfer potential vis-à-vis Immune status of urinary tract infected patients.                             

Lall Vijay Kumar Faizal 2003

Biotechnology Deptt. North Bengal University.


Analysis of etiology of schizophrenia On the basis of immunogenetical & Cytological investigations.

Urvashi 2005

School of Biochemistry, UTD. Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore.


Immunological & cytological Investigations of the HLA genes For understanding the Etiopathology Of paranoid schizophrenia.

Tulip Ghosh                       

Dolphin Institute of Bio-medical &    Natural Sciences:HNB Garhwal University,Dehradun.


Role of HLA-gene as a genetic Marker for Paranoid Schizophrenia.

Kamal Krishna Singh 2006

Biotechnology Deptt., North Bengal, University.


Study of Dopamine receptor genes & C-Reactive protein in Schizophrenia

Sashank Mishra 2007

Biotechnology Deptt., North Bengal, University.

 Summer Training Supervised:

Selective List of Publications:

  1. Dopaminergic System in the Etiopathology of Delusional Disorder by Tapas Kumar Chaudhuri and Sikta Banerjee,  LAP Lambert Academic Publishing (6 July 2012, ISBN-10: 3659141569, ISBN-13: 978-3659141560.

    Book Chapters:

  2. Mehra, N.K.; Taneja, V.;; Kailash, S: Chaudhuri, T.K.; Vaidya, M.C.; Balakrishnan, K.; Contractor, N. ; Hammond, M.G.; Undevia, J.N. and Khan, R.(1986). North Indian: Ethnic Study. In: HLA in   Asia-Oceania, 1986, ed. M. Aizawa, Hokkaido University Press, Japan. pp. 271-276.
  3. Mehra, N.K.; Taneja, V.; Jhingon, B.; Chaudhuri, T.K. and Sareen, S.K.(1986). Possible HLA influence in governing susceptibility to noncirrhotic portal fibrosis. In : HLA in Asia –Oceania, 1986, ed. M. Aizawa, Hokkaido University Press, Japan. pp. 423-424.
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  6. Das, S.K.; Kundu, A.; Mandal, B.B. and Chaudhuri, T.K.(1997). Association of HLA antigens and delusional disorder. Proc. Of the ASEATTA Annual Scientific Meeting on HLA in clinical and laboratory medicine (Chapter: HLA and Disease immunogenetics)pp. 8-9.
  7. Mandal, B.B. and T.K. Chaudhuri (2000). HLA profile of Rajbanshi and   Gurkha: A comparative Account. In “ Recent Advances of Animal Science  Research ( eds. Ghosal and Roy), Vol. 1. Orion Press International, W.B. pp. 121-125.
  8. Debnath, M; Das, S.K. and Chaudhuri, T.K. (2003). Role of HLA antigens as  genetic markers in monosymptomatic psychiatric disorders. In “ Recent Advances of Animal Science Research ( eds. Ghosal and Roy), Vol.II,Orion Press International, W.B.pp. 292-297
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    Journal Publications:

  11. Saha MR,Dey P,  Begum S, De B,  Chaudhuri TK, Sarker DD, Das AP, and  Sen A. Effect of Acacia catechu (L.f.) Willd.  on oxidative Stress with Possible Implications in Alleviating Selected Cognitive Disorders. PLOS ONE | DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0150574 March 7, 2016 (IF. 3.23)
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