New York 5 Avenue into the nigger, the final choice to start 116610LN

Inadvertently purchased niggas, previously intended to replica watches enter the fake watches fat sea or nations, the final goal is to labor (choose the labor of this forum is the "**" ha ha). Into the June after the landlord stroll in the New York list of monopoly, fat sea and love the toilet is a long time I saw the brand, the Internet to see the sea of ​​information and evaluation, in addition to its high score, other quality, and so is not satisfactory , Why I would also like to enter the IWC, mainly previously owned by the sea 2000 really good, very good price, but the movement is not their own only. Since the knowledge of this forum, my goal has changed, the previous view of labor also changed, before really quite like O & IWC, but a long time to find a comprehensive or more than a lot of work, last week in various stores wandering , Especially the watch even if the tens of thousands of knives - hundreds of thousands of knives have, the style is not my favorite, and found that the special style of the watch is not as simple as the watch, such as PP watch true art, AP I see But the price is also considered to be within the scope, but too luxurious, there is no need, and most of the stars are also choose to work, which I was in New York is obvious, that white watch or look at the time, durability and reliability is preferred. This month on the 6th Manhattan LV flagship store next door watch monopoly, up and down the 4th floor, downstairs patriotic brand, the first floor of the Labor Pei Hai Hai IWC and so luxury brand, 2 floor PP, negative on the first floor there are a variety of two hand, and The new difference of about 3 thousand knives, where to buy 2 hand can be 2 years warranty (the United States but the letter) can be assured, and a Hong Kong clerk talk about nearly an hour, upstairs ran downstairs, the final decision into You can not take care of the price, it is estimated that in this forum I get the highest, New York is not cheap here, would like to mail outside the mail, the first choice of black, more wild, Island can save hundreds of taxes, and ultimately give up, because too much trouble is also worried. On the map first, the following with the new security card (the new security card with the magnetic stripe)