My dream lover - Rolex pioneer type 116619LB

Can be said that I am a real replica watch fans, men's greatest hobby than a swiss replica watches, it is like my dream lover, status after my wife, many watches, Rolex can be said in my heart There is no doubt that the location, like the palm of the crown logo like it is in the declaration of their watch industry in the Swiss leader. \ \ I personally feel that Rolex watch with masculine temperament, be more in line with my personal temperament watch, 40 mm dial, how to look does not seem rough, platinum case to catch the blue dial, plus that classic Of the Pennsylvania (Mercedes-Benz needle), it is seductive. \ But then come back, this speed is really fast, from the order to get it also a week of time, this watch and I set a box of delicious chocolate together before the arrival of my first impression, How to describe it, it can be said that a simple out of color! But unfortunately, it is difficult for me to use the photo to capture it classic blue, at the same time, my camera technology is not in place, resulting in the color of the photo, especially blue compared to the real visual situation But also deep, personally feel that this is very blue with 116619 outer ring. watch with the classic Rolex elements - small blisters, time scale with a fluorescent coating, or as always, followed the classic Rolex. In addition, this watch is relatively heavy, it is said that about 220 grams, that is almost more than 1 pound but also a little more, but did not feel uncomfortable, in addition, looking at this The box is quite large. \ \ I remember Rolex in 2008 launched three water ghost series, these series have been a new improvement, which watch for the 40mm, 18K white gold 116619 and ordinary sub, are 300 meters waterproof. Although once rumors, the improved sub will be more traditional than in the waterproof ability to further strengthen. I am glad that Rolex did not do so, if further strengthen the waterproof capacity, watch the thickness will increase, which will greatly affect the appearance and wear comfort.