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About the University Press:

University Press, University of North Bengal, was established in the year 1972 with the objective of Printing & Binding of articles of various academic and administrative departments mainly Examination related works.

As per statues, the superintendent of the University Press shall be a whole time officer under the administrative control of the Controller of Examinations and shall perform such other functions as may be assigned to him by the Controller of Examinations. The Vice-Chancellor may also assign any job to him from time-to-time in connection with Printing & Publications.

University Press started it’s journey in a hall with mono color Letter Press machine, cutting machine and accessories. With passing of time, various machines were installed with the change of technology like Ruling machine, Motor driven letter press, single color 2 cylinder baby Offset machine, Desktop, Exposing machine, B/W Printers, single color DFC/Demy size Offset machine, Color Printers, Folding machine, Perfect Binding machine, Micro Perforating machine, etc.

Though in early years Press used to do the work of Controller of Examination in major but in later years it expanded its job periphery. Presently North Bengal University Press has been successfully engaged in printing Annual Journals of various departments like Center for Local Language, Hindi, Commerce, Philosophy, Law, Anthropology, Nepali Academy, DLLE, Sociology, History, Economics, DLIS, Political Science, Center for Women Studies, Botany, Zoology, Botany, Chemistry, Center for Himalyan Studies and Geography besides printing of routine jobs, prospectus of different courses, abstracts and other materials of seminars being conducted here and different reports and newsletters. University press has successfully delivered Print materials of various International and State Level Seminars and Congresses held at NBU. University Press has also supplied couple of time the Print materials to Cooch Behar Panchanan Barma University, formed in the year 2013-14.

Presently University Press building has 3 blocks as mentioned below: -
i) Office & Store block – 3450 Sq.ft.
ii) Printing & Compose block – 1700 Sq.ft.
iii) Binding & Store Room – 3450 Sq.ft.

Part II


University Press having the following sections:
  1. Pre-Press Section
  2. Press Section
  3. Post-Press Section
  4. Office

Pre-Press Section

The main function of this section is to Compose, Page Setup, Designing and handling printers for multi-color jobs. This section is equipped with Computer & Printers for DTP jobs and also with Type Leads for hand composition. Presently at University Press there is 4 (four) Color printers, 5 (five) B & W Printers, 1 (one) Scanner and 4 (four) Desktop PC. This section is managed by :-

1)      Section Holder

2)      Compositor

3)      Proof Reade

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This section mainly deals with Printing and is done through Offset Printing machine and Letter Press machines. Most of the black & white or single color job are printed by Offset Printing machine whereas the loose sheet of Examination & Envelope are printed at Letter-Press machine. This section consists of five (5) number of Offset machine from size 10” x 15” to 18” x 27” and three Letter Press machine. This section is managed by :-

1)      Sr. Machineman

2)      Jr. Machineman

3)      Press Attendant


Post-Press Section

This section is dedicated for finishing the job work like binding, cutting, perforation, numbering, stitching, Laminating, etc. This section consists of one number Single Clamp Perfect Binder machine, two Stitching / Wire machine, two Cutting machine, one Micro-Perforating machine and one Laminating machine. Hard binding, Register Binding, Pad binding, Spiral binding, etc. are done here. This section is managed by :-

1)      Sr. Binder

2)      Jr. Binder

3)      Press Attendant



This section looks after the administrative part of press including requisition & purchase of materials, arranging repairing works, office-correspondents, material handling, job receive and docketing, etc. All above sections are under the control of the Superintendent, University Press. Asstt. Superintendant assists Superintendant for his/her various activities.


Part – III

List of jobs done at University Press:

  1. Confidential Works of Examination branch.
  2. Various Forms, Challans, Fee Book.
  3. Various Reports like Annual Report, Annual Accounts, Budget, etc.
  4. Study material of Directorate of Distance Education, NBU.
  5. Placement and Information Brochures and Souvenirs.
  6. Greetings Card, Display Card and Invitation Card of Workshops and Seminars.
  7. Journals of various departments.
  8. Books.
  9. Certificates.
  10. Visiting Card, Identity Card, Vehicle Stickers, etc.
  11. Printing materials for various National & International Seminars.


Part – IV


Valuation System was introduced in the year 2001-2002 for all jobs of various departments to be done at University press. Every job are charged as per the rate approved in the meeting of the Executive Committee, dated 06/03/2002 under the heads: a) Material Consumed b) Printing & Binding.

The rates are as follows:

Plain compose upto A4 size  
Rs. 21.00 (/Page)
Plain compose upto Legal size     
Rs. 35.00 (/Page)
Job composing upto A4 size 
Rs. 42.00 (/Page)
Job composing upto Legal size
Rs. 63.00 (/Page)
Charges of Master
  Rs. 10.00 (/Page)
Charge of Laser Printing 
  Rs. 10.00 (/Page)
Black Ink      
Coloured Ink 
4-Color job    
Laser printing A4 size   
Register Binding (upto 250 pages)   
Rs. 21.00 each
Register Binding (250-500 pages) 
Rs. 28.00 each
Examination Loose Sheets (U.G.)    
Rs. 49.00 per 1000
Examination Answer Scripts (U.G.) 
Rs. 245.00 per 1000
Spiral Binding (upto 100 pages)     
Rs. 30.00 per book
Lamination A4 size (New inclusion)  
Rs. 10.00 per copy



List of employees deployed at the University Press:



Superintendent (Acting)

Dr. Debasis Dutta



Assistant Superintendent

Mr. Indraneel Roy

Sr. Peon

Mr. Motilal Murmu

Section Holder

Mr. Naresh Ch. Roy

Section Holder

Mr. Debasish Chakraborty



Compositor (Daily Wage)

Mr. Dil Bahadur Thapa






(Printing Section/ Press)

Offset Machineman (Contractual)

Mr. Kamalendu Mallik

Mr. Amit Kr. Gupta

Mr. Bimal Das

Md. Malek Hossain

Machineman (Gr-C, Daily Wage)

Mr. Chandan Singha












(Binding Section/Post Press)

Sr. Press Attendant

Mr. Bidhan Rai

Jr. Peon

Mr. Anup Ghosh

Press Helper (Gr-D, Daily Wage)

Mr. Sunil Singha

Press Helper (Gr-D, Daily Wage)

Mr. Prabhat Nag

Press Helper (Gr-D, Daily Wage)

Mr. Ajay Das

Press Helper (Gr-D, Daily Wage)

Mr. Premananda Ghosh

Press Helper (Gr-D, Daily Wage)

Mr. Atindra Das

Press Helper (Gr-D, Daily Wage)

Mr. Jagannath Singha

Press Helper (Gr-D, Daily Wage)

Mr. Pranab Singha

Press Helper (Gr-D, Daily Wage)

Mr. Naba Kr. Majumdar

Press Helper (Gr-D, Daily Wage)

Mr. Motilal Singha




Superintendant (Acting)

University Press, University of North Bengal, Raja Rammohunpur, Dist. Darjeeling, PIN 734013.

Ph.- 0353-2776384

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